SPX Trade Levels

Key support: 1175
Key resistance: 1304

Profit taking levels: 1275,1292,1362
Stop loss level: 1215,1200,1164

Key Weekly Number: 1257

SPX levels to watch:

1221 (Fib 50% Low:1074 to High:1370)
1225 (Fib 38.2% Low:1074 to High:1370)
1227 (100 day SMA)
1242 (Bottom of the channel)
1249 (Japan Bottom)
1257 (Flat on the year)
1272 (200 day SMA)
1275 (Most recent high)
1362 (Top of the channel)

Fibonacci number:

1292 (Fib 0% Low:1074 to High:1292)
1183 (Fib 50% Low:1074 to High:1292)
1157 (Fib 61.8% Low:1074 to High:1292)
1074 (Fib 100% Low:1074 to High:1292)

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